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I need Sew beany goal to rouse those with imaginative thoughts to move forward with their dreams. Sew beany is a fair company made to offer items and to bring the inventive intellect to life. To bring my thoughts in reality brings peace and delight to any inventiveness.



Ever since I was instructed on how to sew at the age of 12, I’ve been fixated with making modern and imaginative thoughts with anything and everything around me. So I needed to memorize more; So, I went to school for Fashion Design. As I grew older never realizing how life can get in the way of your dreams; I had to put my imaginative thoughts on delay.

I started working 9-5 occupations, "paying bills", and now and again traveling the world. I continuously appeared to be inspired still because everywhere I traveled all I can think about is how I can make something from nothing.

From the support of family and friends encouraging me to began sewing once again. I begun making little things, from little things came medium things, and from medium things came the greater and bigger items.

After that I begun to discover my inspiration once more. I’m Still working 9-5 occupations but at the same time I’m working on my dream and my life once more. Since I was 12, I continuously needed to be a mold creator and show the world my imaginations and creations.


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